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Opteven is a European leader in service contracts for motoring and travel mobility, a provider of insurance and management solutions acknowledged for its expertise and quality of service.

Sustained growth
for over 40 years

Successful, profitable growth is a true reflection of a company’s strength.

More important, it’s a sure sign the company is fulfilling its customers’ needs.

We have steadily expanded from a small French firm into the international group you are reading about today.  Our secret? Our core expertise—in-depth knowledge of the automobile industry—combined with a fierce commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service.

It all began with the RAC, the iconic UK motoring services organisation.

We were originally set up to help their members as they travelled across Europe, but the remit quickly grew until in 1985, we became RAC France. The years since have seen a management buy-out and Europe-wide expansion. And there is much more to come.

Key facts and figures
In a world of ever-increasing mobility in all its forms, the Opteven team has accompanied clients and partners with assistance and mechanical breakdown insurance for 30 years. At Opteven, we operate 24/7: we are there when you need us the most.
€278 million
turnover in 2022
European markets where we have warranty services
Partners manufacturer brands
partnerships with dealers

Highway 2025
Our strategic project

In a moving context and a moving market, developing an enterprise project is a structural approach that enables the company to define its positioning and ambition for the coming years. The project provides a clear view of Opteven on the 2025 horizon, visible to all its employees as well as its customers, partners, and suppliers.

This new project named Highway 2025 has been built in stages and revolves around three major axis.

French and international growth in our historical activities
We develop our pan-European agreements with major manufacturers and independent finance houses, develop each of our subsidiaries’ partnerships with stakeholders in the TOP 100 of the automobile world, and gain new stakeholders in mechanical breakdown warranties.

Innovation and transformation to cement our place as a pioneer in a fast-changing environment
We develop our offerings based on the digitalisation of our Assistance, we pursue our accompaniment and our development of offerings in electric traction, and we work on our product renewal in France and Germany.

Consolidation of our tools and processes to guarantee our customers good quality service
We reduce costs and the complexity of our project implementations to improve the performance of our activities and partnerships.

All OPTEVEN employees have been able to provide input to the drafting and enhancement of this project.

Serving customers across Europe

You can count on our ever-increasing outreach and capability. From our initial operating base in France, we have expanded across Europe into nine (including France) core markets through organic customer growth and through acquisition. We have physical set-ups in the five major markets and we plan to expand further into other European markets to meet the needs of our current and future customers. We place great belief in our value proposal to our European partners, offering a uniform, harmonised Europe-wide solution. Opteven is to only one to have a footprint in the five main European automotive markets and to be able to underwrite risk at a European level.

Present in the 5 main European automotive markets

Opteven France
Our presence in Lyon
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Our clients are professionals in the automotive industry (manufacturers, distributors, leasers and fleets), insurance and bancassurance in France. We offer Mechanical Breakdown Warranty, Maintenance and Roadside Assistance contracts.

United Kingdom
Opteven UK
Our presence in Thame & Warrington
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Opteven UK consists of two entities: Opteven UK, which manages the partnership with a main client. WMS, the second entity, manages claims, partnerships with brokers and develops products for insurers.

Opteven Italy
Our presence in Milan
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In Italy, our sales teams offer mechanical breakdown warranty and maintenance contracts to retail and corporate customers.

Opteven Spain
Our presence in Madrid
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In Italy, our teams are specialised in pull-out offers for maintenance and Mechanical Breakdown Warranty. A corporate team is being developed.

Opteven Germany
Our presence in Berlin
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Opteven Germany offers tailor-made packages, established with our corporate team, as well as a comprehensive and structured range for dealers.

Our Values

Our Values -

At Opteven, innovation begins with understanding. New developments in the field of travel mobility keep changing our customers’ needs, so we do our utmost to share that information with the whole company, thereby keeping everyone up-to-date.

Innovation means remaining one step ahead of our competitors, anticipating market trends before they happen, and knowing how to create new opportunities.

We want everyone to feel free to embrace the benefits of teamwork.

That’s why at Opteven, we encourage initiative and experimentation.

To keep us moving forward, let everyone feel free to innovate and not be afraid of thinking outside the box!

Here at Opteven, we understand perfectly that a satisfied staff leads to satisfied customers. You can’t have one without the other.

The team’s success is intrinsically bound to its individuals’ personal development. Well-being at work is thus vital to all.

We do our best to welcome new team members, to treat each team member equitably, to foster excellent team spirit by encouraging all our staff to help one another.

Our ambitious and adaptive training program sets out to help each staff member individually.

On a daily basis, our teams strive to encourage self-reliance and commitment in each staff member.

So to foster efficiency, let’s start by encouraging well-being at work!

At Opteven, we’re proud of the diversity of our employees: talents from all backgrounds and walks of life.

We are convinced that developing diversity and open-mindedness is a major challenge for us, one that has a significant impact on our creativity and competitiveness.

Let’s capitalize on the richness and diversity of our employees, to feed off each other’s differences and stimulate our own personal development.

Let’s encourage a multicultural, ethical and socially responsible company, for stronger teams!

At Opteven, customer service and customer satisfaction go hand in hand.

Our customers lie at the core of our long-term goals and deserve to be treated with fairness and respect. Each customer is important, and we are all responsible at all times for their satisfaction.

Our success is forged by upholding our commitments and through the daily image we project.

It is vital that we listen to our customers’ needs, to make sure we are providing them with the best possible solutions.

So let’s commit to making each customer’s experience a great one!

Here at Opteven, we understand that maintaining our current customers is just as important as gaining new ones every year.

We are convinced that the growth of a company leads to greater job security, more career opportunities, and a higher level of employee satisfaction.

Our development plan includes an ambitious pan-European strategy.

We strive to pass-on our know-how, while remaining modest enough to look outside our borders to share enriching experiences.

So expansion and opportunities in new countries are all part of the Opteven agenda!

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