Our CSR commitment

Opteven has enjoyed ISO 26000 accreditation since 2011. In 2018, French standards institute AFNOR carried out an AFAQ 26000 assessment on us and rated our CSR commitment as ‘exemplary’ (the highest level).

To us, corporate social responsibility isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s a way of thinking and working, one that brings value to all. We see it consisting of four inter-related elements:

  • Social: human capital, competence, and job development
  • Civic: reaching out to and supporting communities
  • Economic: transparency, listening, and striving to operate with unimpeachable ethics
  • Environmental: starting with where we work and what we do at work

Environmental responsibility

  • Our headquarters building meets BREAM standards for sustainability—a guarantee of quality and reduced ecological footprint
  • Systematic recycling of computer equipment by specialists
  • Use of sorting bins and printer restrictions to increase recyclability and limit waste
  • Sustainable services to our customers, including digital media for surveys, invoices, and warranty books to avoid printing and mailing

Economic responsibility

  • Open communication on performance, quality, and profitability
  • Transparency on customer key performance indicators, with penalties paid by Opteven for non-achievement
  • Digital surveys of customers, partners, and employees
  • Employee profit-sharing schemes. Gender-equal pay
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