Our innovation commitment

Moving you forward
in today’s disrupted environment

Motoring and mobility in general is experiencing rapid change, mainly digitally driven, and this will only accelerate. To us, it’s an opportunity to be proactive and to shape the future. Those who wait to act will be left behind. Just as important, it’s a chance to push further ahead with our central goal: helping customers and suppliers succeed.

We’ve converted this strategy into action by creating the Opteven Lab and the Opteven Digital Factory. They work together to offer our customers clear advantages in today’s exciting and opportunity-rich environment. With our strategic project, Highway 2025, we also want to accompany our customers, partners and suppliers in a changing market to define our positioning and our ambition for the coming years.

Our commitments

The importance of data security

Security is a vital concern in our rapidly changing environment, so Opteven has made it a top priority.

In November, 2020, we obtained ISO 27001 certification, highlighting our ability to manage the security of assets.

This worlwide recognised certificate rewards our efforts and commits us to long-term continual improvement in data security.

B2C – Broadening customer relations

The digital transformation of service contract sales is enhancing the customer experience and driving greater efficiency and quality. And this is gathering more and more space as people’s habits change in response to Covid-19.

With application programming interfaces (APIs) for online signing and payment, our dedicated solutions meet needs across all layers of the motoring sector. We’re helping them build up customer loyalty and support the digital transformation of service contract sales.


Supporting the green transition

As ecological awareness rises, with diesel being driven out of European cities, there’s a fierce demand for alternative solutions. We’re adapting our offers to support the automobile distribution ecosystem in these issues with E-Move, the value proposition for our customers’ electric vehicles.

To assist our distributor clients and our final customers in this transition, we regularly organise webinars on electric vehicles and their related topics.

How to get to grips with a nascent market
The first lessons we can draw from electric vehicle use
Used electric vehicles: what you need to know about the battery and charging

Always looking ahead

Better conceiving tomorrow’s services also means committing alongside the flagship start-ups of tomorrow’s travel mobility. Attentive to car market trends, we strive to support fledgling enterprises and create synergy at the service of innovation, to give loud backing to new projects in a constantly evolving market.

Our jobs are going to change as are those of our business customers and our end customers. Cars will still be among us, but they will be autonomous, more ecological, connected, and complemented by new mobility paradigms. The company’s long-term success depends on its ability to take ownership of the challenges and respond to them. Offering services that enable more efficient use of a driver’s time and remotely update their car with a new interface are examples of activities to be developed.

Here are just a few examples so far of how we’ve driven value for customers and suppliers:

  • Electronic contract signing at POS
  • Carflex – a powerful tool to manage breakdown and maintenance
  • API catalogue – optimising information exchange
  • MyDigit’Assist – enhanced service through geolocation

Our digital factory

Born in 2021, its objective is to accelerate our digital strategy!

The mission: to devise and implement innovative digital solutions for improving the beneficiary’s experience in order to secure the loyalty of existing partners and acquire new ones.

The Digital Factory brings together multi-skilled international teams: developers, business resources, UX interfaces working in agile mode to optimise customer experience and navigation paths.

A few concrete achievements about innovation at Opteven?

  • MyDigit’Assit

MyDigit’Assist digitalises requests for assistance. MyDigit’Assist is the answer to a more connected use of assistance services. The beneficiary can visit a simple web page to organise a breakdown rescue then track the breakdown service arrival on their smartphone with the same quality of service as directly calling the assistance services.

12% of beneficiaries ask for assistance digitally


  • Creation of an API catalogue

Our developer team has created APIs through which we can be directly integrated into internal IT tools or into the online sales sites of partner clients. Thanks to our catalogue of APIs, car makers, distributors, and other travel mobility professionals can now include Opteven innovations and products in their customer navigation paths.

Since its launch, our API catalogue is used by our partners on average 10,000 times a month!

  • E-signing facility at the distributor

To facilitate online subscription to our contracts at our distributors, we have integrated electronic signing into the sales navigation path of our extranet. Signed entirely online using a security code, these contracts are compliant with the French insurance code and have the same legal weight as a hand-signed contract.

70% of contracts are electronically signed


  • Additional sales

When integration with your sales navigation path is not a possibility, we can develop ready-for-use solutions to underpin a POS network or secure customer loyalty on expiry of a contract.

How do we do this? By proposing the creation of turnkey online sales sites, dressed in the colours of the brands and offering the sale of contracts defined with the professional.

Why? To increase the number of sales channels to the end user and build loyalty among our distributor customers with in-house tools.

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